vertical agricultural for people & planet

Our Mission

AgStack provides communities at-risk-of drought, hunger & climate-driven displacement an affordable toolset for durable, climate-resilient food production in a manner consistent with the United Nations' Millenium Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

About Us

AgStack Inc. is a California S Corporation developing mass-scalable, easy-to-implement agricultural-intensification & realtime, per-plant crop-health-awareness technologies for climate-risk-mitigated rural & urban food production.

Our "full stack" agriculture platform enables mass production of organic foods alongside beneficial, measurable and verifiable socio-economic & environmental impacts. When utilized as a development tool such benefits include:

  • land & water savings
  • carbon sequestration
  • increased food security
  • increased human security
  • increased household income


  • Indoor & Outdoor Vertical Agriculture
  • Realtime digital crop health metrics & analysis
  • Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration
  • Impact Token Generation & Blockchain Integration